Building, development and energy group Larkfleet Group ( has become an Associate Founder Member of Cambridge Cleantech ( in order to help the development of ‘green’ businesses in the region.

Cambridge Cleantech aims to promote ‘greater Cambridge’ and the UK as a centre of excellence for the ‘cleantech sector ‘ – businesses and organisations promoting technologies that reduce or reverse human impacts on the environment.

Larkfleet Group encompasses a range of cleantech business, including Lark Energy ( that specialises in large-scale solar energy installations and Larkfleet Renewables which offers social housing providers, private landlords and homeowners advice for both Green Deal and ECO funded energy-saving measures. The group also includes Eco Building Products (, a leading supplier of alternative energy technologies, insulation materials and other products aimed at making new and existing buildings and developments ‘greener’.

Larkfleet Group managing director Karl Hick said: “Cambridge Cleantech brings together many world-leading organisations involved in cleantech research and development. Our practical experience of delivering some of these technologies on a daily basis will hopefully be of benefit to others.

“And, of course, we hope that we will gain business benefits through our access to these technologies and organisations.”

As an Associate Founder Member of Cambridge Cleantech, Larkfleet is able not just to attend meetings with other members but take part in the organisation’s lobbying of government ministers and to attend a range of business support events.

Martin Garratt, chief executive of Cambridge Cleantech, said: “Larkfleet’s experience in delivering a wide range of cleantech technologies – alongside its building and development expertise – provides a valuable resource of information and advice for members.”