Two Larkfleet Group ( companies, housebuilder Larkfleet Homes ( and builders merchant Deepings Building and Plumbing Supplies (, have joined forces to provide a primary school in Africa with electricity.

The two companies worked with Friends of Nyansakia (, a Bourne-based charity that regularly raises funds to help an impoverished community in Nyansakia, Kenya.

One of the charity’s most recent fundraising objectives was to provide St Thomas’ Primary School within the Nyansakian community – which schools approximately 1,000 pupils – with electricity in its classrooms.

Larkfleet Homes and Deepings Building and Plumbing Supplies were happy to provide the £470 required as a joint donation.

Friends of Nyansakia visited the African community to present the donation and a local Kenyan company will soon carry out the necessary electrical work, on instruction from the school.

The electricity that will be provided in the classrooms will allow pupils to work there before and after daylight hours, something they currently struggle to do as many of their own homes do not have electricity.

Larkfleet Homes’ marketing director Helen Jones presented representatives from Friends of Nyansakia with the donation outside Larkfleet Group’s head offices in Bourne.

Larkfleet has previously worked closely with Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy on a variety of projects to help raise money for the Friends of Nyansakia.

In December last year, Larkfleet hosted a pupil’s art exhibition at its Abbeyfields showhome on Spalding Road in Bourne, following the Bourne school’s fundraising ‘Nyansakia Day’.

All proceeds from ‘Nyansakia Day’ at the local school were added to Larkfleet’s contribution of £100 following the art exhibition. In total the school and Larkfleet raised £840.

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