Job share benefits: why two heads are better than one

As leading independent agency Anne Corder Recruitment (ACR) reaps the rewards of a split role within its own offices, the company reveals the reasons behind the rising popularity of job sharing.

The concept – where two part-time employees are employed for one full-time job – is nothing new, yet the importance of offering flexibility in the workplace has grown to become a prerequisite for productive business.

Implemented successfully, a job share role can bring a range of benefits to employees and employers alike. The former maintain a level of responsibility associated with a full-time position while enjoying adaptable working hours; the latter retain their high performers while also gaining additional staff with complementary skills and experience.

Sandi Borrillo joined ACR as Digital and Database Administrator in the summer. She shares the role with Micki Bryan, who returned to work at the company earlier this year following maternity leave. Both work three days a week (Sandi – Mondays to Wednesdays; Micki – Wednesdays to Fridays) under the same job title.

Sandi said, “The key to successful job sharing is to work seamlessly as a team. Micki and I only have one day in the office together, so it’s essential that we communicate clearly and precisely with one another.”

Day-to-day tasks are equally assigned and divided between the two, with clear lines of responsibility and authority established to avoid any confusion as to who does what. General duties include liaison with candidates, coordinating interviews, updating the ACR website and social media pages, as well as providing general administration support for projects and events.

Micki added, “Working alongside Sandi has really highlighted the advantages a job share role can bring, over and above that of standard part time work. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, particularly with regards to the ever evolving digital side of the business.”

Anne Corder said, “This position was a new one for the business, so the initial job description was open to modification. By combining their skills and differing work backgrounds, Micki and Sandi have helped to grow the role organically, and have each excelled individually along the way.”