Is your business really safe from cyber attacks?

Advanced Security Consulting Limited (Just ASC) is a specialist business offering consulting and managed services, focussed on improving the SME and Mid-Tier sectors ability to understand, and ultimately withstand inevitable cyber-attacks.

The organisation brings expertise in Information Technology Risk, Vulnerability Management and Intrusion Detection from over 17 years of experience in multiple sectors across organisations from FTSE 10 through to SME.

The organisation offers Threat Management, Secure Architecture & Incident Response services as a complete end to end package to ensure that its clients have the right visibility of the issue, appropriateness of control and detection of the issues with a response to threats in real time.

Just ASC makes the issues tangible and prides itself in its ability to translate complex threats and “what if’s” into real world, actionable intelligence that can be controlled for its extensive client base.

“We quantify the unknown, ensuring that businesses of all sizes are protected from the system vulnerabilities that lead to the weakening of organisations.  It’s about educating companies and working with them to ensure that they do not fall victim to criminal and malicious attacks. We often hear people state that their systems are safe.  Any business is prone to an attack. You won’t see it, and in many cases, even know that it’s happening.  JustASC can monitor and control your infrastructure to keep your business safe ” – Managing Director

If you would like us to provide an initial threat assessment of your business, please contact us.

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