IPM Global Mobility Has Achieved Green Level Accreditation!

IPM specialise in managing global mobility programs for a variety of internationally based companies, this involves organising all the ‘red tape’ associated with relocating abroad, including visas, salary packages, tax, currency, accommodation and schooling.

Through recognising that all businesses have an impact on the environment in a number of different ways, IPM wanted to do their bit. Being an office-based company it was thought they were doing all they could to keep their resource use down and to reduce their costs, but with the help from iiE they identified areas to reduce their consumption further.

Since joining iiE in 2011, IPM had already achieved Bronze and Silver Level accreditation. With a recent expansion which includes the opening of two offices in Denmark and Scotland, the extra staff, paperwork and travel was going to make achieving Green level iiE Accreditation a challenge.

IPM has two green champions, Julie Morris and Georgia Georgiou, who with guidance from iiE have worked together with all of the staff to help reduce the company’s costs, reduce their waste and to be environmentally friendly in as many ways as possible.

Since 2010 IPM has reduced their electricity usage by 26% and their water usage by 21%! This was all achieved by applying easy behavioural changes i.e. switching off lights and monitors when not in use etc.

When IPM took part in Zero Waste Week (ZWW), they saw dramatic results in just one week! They removed all the bins from under the desks and replaced them with two communal bins on each floor, one for recyclable waste and one for landfill waste. This made their staff more aware of how they disposed of their waste and made it easier to monitor that waste. This simple step resulted in a 75% reduction of landfill waste and a 33% increase in recyclable waste.

IPM also implemented a paperless system in their accounts department since 2011, this also now includes their payroll process. Staff can now log-on to a secure web based platform to view all their pay information, such as pay slips and P60’s, which has reduced the need for printing.

They have also started to green their supply chain by using Green Leaf Cars for their taxi needs and Walters for their stationery. Both are members of iiE and are working towards their Green level accreditation.

The results of IPM’s recent carbon footprint are very encouraging. In an office environment the tonnes per person should be anything under 1.5 in order to fall in the acceptable bracket (Carbon Footprint Ltd ), IPM are achieving 0.85 tonnes per person!