Improve efficiencies and product development with CRCE

The Centre for Renewable and Clean Energy (CRCE) understands the current challenging economic climate businesses are faced with, that’s why now more than ever it is vital to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in business to remain profitable and sustainable into the future.

CRCE would like to collaborate with you about potential ways the Centre can improve efficiencies and product development to gain competitive advantage for your business. CRCE offers the academic rigour of Cranfield University with the commercial and business focus of industry. CRCE engages with businesses in a number of ways mainly through:

  • Industrial PhD Projects – To have researchers working on a real industrial challenge relevant to your business.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – Involves high quality graduates working within companies on projects central to the needs of the company, jointly supervised by company personnel and senior academics. KTP is a national scheme part-funded by UK Government.
  • R&D Collaboration – A favoured mechanism by businesses as projects usually draw on additional sources of funding to maximise the value of the research undertaken. CRCE has vast expertise to bid for and lead complex research projects including those with multiple partners. Examples of additional funding sources include Research Councils, Technology Strategy Board (TSB), Energy Technology Institute (ETI) and European Union funding programmes.
  • Consultancy – A business can commission the Centre to carry out feasibility studies on specific areas of research

Should you wish to know more about how we can provide a fresh perspective to your business please contact our local engineer representative who is based locally in Peterborough.
Name: David Noronha
Tel: +44 (0)7528170501