Impact of automation, AI and robotics on Peterborough’s future workforce to be discussed by leading UK think tank at Breakfast event
Impact of automation, AI and robotics on Peterborough’s future workforce to be discussed by leading UK think tank at Breakfast event

The impact of automation, robotics and skills development on Peterborough’s workforce and economy will be the subject of debate at the next Bondholder Breakfast organised by Opportunity Peterborough on 22 January 2019.

The talk will be given by Simon Jeffery, Policy Officer from Centre for Cities, an independent, non-partisan urban policy research unit that provides data-driven research and policy ideas to help cities and Government address the challenges and opportunities they face.

Speaking ahead of the event, Simon said, “Manufacturing and logistics play a significant role in Peterborough’s economy so the city is likely to see a huge shift in the types of jobs available.

“Looking at today’s jobs market, businesses are looking for different skill sets compared to 10 years ago. Where manual jobs may be lost to automation, artificial intelligence and robotics, the adoption of technology has created growing demand for skills in programming, interpersonal and analytical skills across the country. This puts an entirely new strain on businesses as the workforce adapts to meet this skills gap.”

Tom Hennessy, chief executive of Opportunity Peterborough, added, “We’re delighted to welcome Centre for Cities to Peterborough and to hear their expert opinion on the impact of technology on the future workforce.

“Skills is always at the top of business’ agendas and with this new technology we should see more highly skilled jobs being created in the city. The establishment of a full university in Peterborough will be a huge boost to businesses and residents looking to develop new skills. Opportunity Peterborough would invite any organisation looking at its use of technology to get in touch to see how we can support their adoption of new technology whilst creating sustainable employment opportunities.”

The event will also see the launch of the annual Greater Peterborough Business Survey 2019 by Rawlinsons. Now in its sixth year the survey is an important avenue for local companies to bring challenges and opportunities in the local economy to the attention of Opportunity Peterborough. It is also building up a picture of business confidence and performance in Peterborough.

The Bondholder Breakfast will take place on 22 January at Ashurst First East on Southgate Park, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, PE2 6YS courtesy of Squarestone Growth, 7.30am – 9.00am. Attendance is free for members of the Opportunity Peterborough Bondholder Network who can book their place in the Bondholder portal.

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