High street business guru turned theory on its head
High street business guru turned theory on its head

One of the UK’s leading businessmen broke all the obvious rules when growing his huge retail empire.

Speaking at Rawlinsons Annual Business Conference, high street retail guru John Timpson said his senior management team existed only to support the front line delivery of the very best customer service.

He told the audience of over 100 business delegates at Kingsgate Conference Centre on Thursday that Timpsons only had two rules: Look the part and put the money in the till.

“We challenged conventional business theory. We turned management hierarchy on its head.  The only people that really matter are those delivering service to our customers so everything we do is designed to make their job easier,” he told delegates.

At a time when the economy and demand for shoe repair was falling, Timpsons introduced key cutting and watch repairs – and those moves ensured the business continued its growth curve.

“John’s keynote session was thought-provoking and inspirational to delegates,” said Rawlinsons’ partner Mark Jackson.

In addition to the keynote speaker, there was a series of presentations and break-out sessions focusing on:

  • business priorities in Cambridgeshire
  • a budget and tax update
  • sources of funding
  • exit strategy planning
  • making the most of your marketing budget
  • tackling cyber threats
  • future proofing your finance function
  • data protection regulation

Guest break-out speakers came from the Local Enterprise Partnership, Allia Future Business Centre, Barclays, PilotFish, Rawlinsons, Cambridgeshire Police, Natwest Bank, Media Matters and Keith Markham Training Services.

“Our annual business conferences have always been well supported and well received by delegates. The range of speakers and subjects covered almost guaranteed there was something helpful for each attendee.  Feedback has been excellent,” added Mark Jackson.