Helping businesses control global mobility costs

PETERBOROUGH-based global mobility specialists IPM has put together a document to help companies manage costs more effectively.

“Inevitaby, HR global mobility departments are being pressured to reduce costs and find easier and simpler ways to address international mobility needs. The secret is to reduce costs without negatively impacting on your business strategy,” said IPM managing director Alan Bentley, who has just returned from speaking at an international conference in Paris about this very subject.

He says high skilled individuals continue to be assigned internationally across a range of business sectors for many reasons including troubleshooting; project delivery; skills gaps; career development; talent management; or promoting company culture.

These areas are inextricably linked to business strategy, so to simply ‘do away’ with international assignments is not practical. What can companies do to manage costs without affecting strategy then?

The IPM document outlines the key areas where costs can be controlled effectively. They include ways of managing the policy; reviewing the allowances and benefits available; assessing recruitment and selection; success-proofing assignments; and reviewing assignment types.

The document provides a menu of tips and advice on controlling costs and is available by using the following link:

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