Peterborough-based marketing communications agency Metrix Marketing ( celebrated its second birthday last month – 27 years after the business was established.

Originally founded as Smye Holland Associates in 1987 the company changed its name in May 2012.

Managing director Mike Holland says that the change has meant more than a new logo and website.

“A lot has changed since we established Smye Holland Associates. We are now in an era of social media, mobile technologies and 24-hour news. This new era in communication requires businesses to take a new approach.

“Our mission as Metrix Marketing is to help our clients make the most of the new marketing communications opportunities available.

“Changing the company name – at the same time as making other radical changes to the way we do business, including moving away from the offices we had occupied for 25 years – has allowed us to deliver a new focus on generating measurable results. Even the name we chose for the business hopefully reflects this determination to give measurable return on marketing investment.”

Mike added: “To find out more about Metrix Marketing, people can visit, follow MetrixMarcomms on Twitter or take a look at the Metrix Marketing Communications LinkedIn page. All of which goes to demonstrate how the world of communications has changed in 25 years – back in 1987, none of that would have made any sense at all!”