Greenwoods Launch ‘Brexit Resilience Team’
Greenwoods Launch ‘Brexit Resilience Team’

Greenwoods Solicitors LLP has launched a new Brexit Service to help businesses with the impact of potential changes to the law as a result of Brexit. 

The newly formed team consists of five highly experienced lawyers – David Woods, John Macaulay Kathryn Gilbertson, Adele Whaley, and Rebecca Bridges with combined expertise in corporate, commercial, employment, regulatory, disputes and immigration law.

The team will ensure businesses receive straightforward and clear advice on how to be ‘Brexit resilient.’ Greenwoods understands that it is vital, as changes to the law become clearer, for businesses to stay informed about the process and how it affects them.

David Woods, Brexit Team Leader at Greenwoods says, “The Brexit Team will ensure we can offer advice across our services on how to be ‘Brexit Resilient.’ Some businesses will already be asking What are the key risks of Brexit – and the steps can we take now to prepare? 

While much is still unknown about the shape and outcome of EU negotiations, businesses should be assessing now how any changes could affect them. We realise that the potential issues are different for every organisation and our Brexit team will ensure that our legal advice is tailored accordingly.

For more information, visit the new Brexit team webpage.

Or email us to request to sign up to Greenwoods free Brexit updates, written especially for local businesses.