Global recognition for Workspace tenant…
Global recognition for Workspace tenant...

Following years of work, development and evolution of design, it’s great to see one of our tenants – Solar Polar Ltd – get the recognition they deserve for their “Cool Box‘ concept. 

Creating a solution to refrigeration in countries with limited or no reliable electricity supply has been the driving force behind Solar Polar’s ground breaking concept. Now, following years of development and research, their work has been recognised as a leading example of commercially viable, green innovation by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Co-Founders Michael Reid and Robert Edwards have been working on the electricity-free concept for a number of years and believe the product can be used in a variety of ways, all of which require zero electricity, have zero CO2 emissions and offer significant benefits to the local economies where their products are installed. Michael said “the concept is a major development in providing much needed refrigeration for areas of the world that currently have limited access due to poor or no reliable energy infrastructure. Recognition of the Cool Box by an organisation like the Solar Impulse Foundation is great independent due diligence for the product and will help us move the project forward”.

The Foundation was established in 2017 to identify the leading sustainable, clean, environmental projects from across the globe. At present Solar Polar’s product is at demonstrator stage and the next step in the process is getting pilot production this year in Peterborough.

To discover more about the cool box project or connect with the Co-Founders visit Or to find out more about Workspace House and how we’re playing our part in helping Peterborough’s entrepreneurs and start-ups visit the Workspace website.