Give a gift in 2017 – Help us raise £6,000 to provide specialist gym equipment for our disabled members.

We are looking for business leaders to do something different in the New Year to help benefit those most in need within our community. We need to raise a minimum of £6,000 to pay for specialist equipment for disabled users in our gyms. We would like to buy a specialist bike that allows wheelchair users the opportunity to work out improving their rehabilitation, cardio vascular fitness and self esteem.

To help us achieve our target we are encouraging our volunteers do something to raise funds for YMCA.

Suggestions include:

  • Holding a Dinner Party
  • Giving up chocolate for a month in the office and donating what you would have spent to YMCA
  • Cake sales in offices
  • Team building exercises such as Organising a bag pack at a local supermarket
  • Donating change from under desks
  • Charity Quiz
  • Skydive

The list goes on and we have a full community fundraising idea pack we can send you to give you some inspiration simply email