General & Medical undergo key fire safety training
General & Medical undergo key fire safety training

We were always told not to play with fire and that is exactly what General & Medical learnt when they had a visit from Fenland Fire Appliance LLP.

General & Medical, Private Health Insurance provider based in Peterborough, regularly undergo important training to ensure that their employees understand the importance of fire awareness, not only does this boost employee safety but also employee morale.

According to government figures, between March 2017 and March 2018 firefighters attended a total of 15,577 non-domestic fires, which includes offices and call centres, retail premises and other business premises.

Fenland Fire Appliance LLP visited General & Medical to provide Fire Wardens the appropriate training needed. The training included using a Fire Training Simulator which allowed Fire Marshalls to attempt to put out a fire in a controlled scenario. Further training including improving their awareness of fire prevention, what actions should be taken in the event of a fire, the role and responsibilities of a Fire Warden and ensuring that they understand the consequences of poor conduct and procedures. 

Regularly undergoing training to ensure safety standards are kept to the highest of standards should be a priority in all businesses and is required by law. As well as undergoing the appropriate training businesses should regularly undergo regular fire alarm tests and fire drills, to ensure employees can follow procedure correctly and efficiently.

Preventing workplace fires

There are many different factors which can contribute to the number of workplace fires and some of the common causes include electrical faults from faulty appliances and leads, overloaded circuits and lack of maintenance. It’s important for employers to ensure their electricals meet the standard safety regulations and that a professional checks these regularly. Employees should also be aware of their surrounding environment and report any loose wiring or faulty equipment they see.

Misusing equipment can also result in workplace fires, employers should ensure that staff are trained correctly as well as providing risk assessments and appropriate safety equipment. Employees should always take precautions when it comes to using equipment and follow the correct safety procedures.

Clutter and poor housekeeping can often lead to workplace fires, therefore storage boxes and flammable and combustible material should be stored away correctly, as well as ensuring that all fire exits are clear from blockages. Other causes can include smoking, human error and negligence, dust build up and objects that generate heat.

Although fire training is a serious issue, the General & Medical team really enjoyed the practical training involved as well as learning and understanding the importance of fire safety. The training allowed colleagues to work together, increase confidence and communication and boost morale.