Free city centre Wi-Fi goes live

Peterborough city centre has joined the digital revolution with the launch of a new Wi-Fi network. The project will allow all users to log on to their emails or browse the internet on smart phones, laptops or tablets completely for free.

Transmitters, situated on lampposts, have now been turned on and the Wi-Fi can be accessed in Cathedral Square, St John’s Square, the top end of Bridge Street, the lower end of Long Causeway and part of Cowgate.

Wi-Fi is the next stage of evolving what the city centre offers and aims to create another reason for people to visit and to stay longer which in turn will support businesses through increased trade.

The network went live today (Wednesday 11 September) and the Wi-Fi signal will show up on devices as ‘_City Wi-Fi’. Residents and visitors will to select the network, tick a box agreeing terms and conditions on a web page and will then be connected. Apple users may need to access the login page manually at after selecting the Wi-Fi network.

Some websites have been restricted, including pornographic and gambling sites.

This will be the first phase of the project while officers monitor the number of people taking advantage of the internet connection and the overall usage.

A one-off investment of £38,000 has been made to install the transmitters and other equipment for the network as well as an annual maintenance charge of £5,100. However, this first phase will also look at how the network can be used commercially, through analysis of the numbers of users, in order to recoup the initial outlay and to cover annual charges.

The intention is to extend the Wi-Fi coverage in the future and also potentially use it for council services, so for instance connecting our CCTV cameras via the network.

Councillor Marco Cereste, Leader of Peterborough City Council, said: “This is a fantastic service to roll out in Peterborough city centre as it’s essential that we keep up with technological advances while we compete for visitors to come and enjoy the city and for businesses to open here.

“The aim of the project is to increase the time shoppers stay in the city centre and this will benefit traders. We also know that there are hundreds of new businesses being set up in Peterborough every year and this new network is going to support them further by enabling them to hold better resourced meetings in the city centre and giving them greater flexibility.

“This of course will also be of great use to local residents so next time you’re in the city centre or having a drink at one of the many cafes and restaurants you’ll be able to access your device either for work or leisure over this free-for-all Wi-Fi connection.”

If you are having any problems with the service you can call (01202) 339849 or email