Peterborough-based marketing communications agency Metrix Marketing ( is joining the Peterborough Posh chapter ( of Business Network International (BNI) – an organisation which it helped to set up 14 years ago.

Metrix – at that time known as Smye Holland Associates – was a founding member of the local chapter of the business networking group. Staff from the company attended the chapter’s breakfast meeting every week for several years but then business changes led to a lapse in membership.

Metrix managing director Mike Holland ( said: “Changes in staffing and the structure of our business a few years ago meant it was no longer so easy to participate in a weekly meeting. We took the decision to let our membership lapse because if we cannot do a thing well we would rather not do it at all.

“However, we remain convinced that the best business comes from personal referral. We have been through another set of internal changes which mean that we now have the time to participate in BNI again so we have opted to rejoin.

“It is great to be back – and to find that two other founder members, Rawlinsons ( ) and Amps Fine Wines (, are both still there, having remained members throughout the 14 years.”

Current BNI chapter director Jez Allman said: “We have been delighted to welcome Metrix back. We look forward to helping to promote Mike’s business and to the business which we are sure Mike and his team will bring to other members of the chapter.”