‘Foodbank Trolley Push 2013’

1 in 5 people in the UK live below the poverty line. Every day people are going hungry nationwide. Last year Trussell Trust Foodbanks provided three days emergency food to 128,697 people in crisis, one third of which were children. Hunger is still a hidden issue. In 2013 we are calling the people of the UK to join together to help feed the hungry in their communities by taking part in our Foodbank Trolley Push!

The Foodbank Trolley Push will see people from across the UK raising funds and awareness for our work as the trolley travels over 3,000 miles around the UK. Starting in Salisbury, where the Trussell Trust was founded in 1997, the Trolley Push will take place during April and May 2013. The Peterborough leg will take place on Friday 26th April and local dignitaries and celebrities have been invited to attend. Local media will also be in attendance. We would love you to help make it a success. We are looking for companies to support us in the following ways:

Sponsorship and profile raising
Raise your profile – Show your customers that you’re passionate about investing in communities by
sponsoring the trolley push and having your name or logo featured on a Trolley throughout the event (size and price negotiable e.g. A3 laminate circa. £200) the more trolleys that join the event the better!
Spread the word – Does your business have a regular advertisement in which you could publicize the event? Do you belong to the local Chamber of Trade or other groups where you can raise the profile for us? Could you promote us in your internal magazine or e-news?
Transport our trolley – Could you cover the cost of transporting the trolley to its next destination? Or could you transport it for us? Do you know a bus company or a transport company who would give it a ride?

Fast for Foodbanks – Challenge staff to give up lunch and donate what they save to the trolley push.
Fill a trolley – Fill a trolley with chocolates, wine, food etc and ask your staff to make a donation to
guess the total cost of its contents. The winner takes all. Could you hold an event either amongst your staff or against other businesses?
Running hungry – Could you take part in a running challenge and raise sponsorship?
Fill a tin – Take a collecting tin into your office and see the pennies turn into pounds. Could you put a collecting tin on your reception desk too?

It may be that you have other ideas that you would like to discuss with us. Could we arrange a meeting to talk through some ideas? Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any other questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Campbell Foodbank Manager, Peterborough Foodbank
Contact details:
Tele: 01733 311156