EzyMedia Launches Support Service For UK Publishers

EzyMedia – a global media organisation operating from offices in Australia, the USA and Canada – has launched a UK operation to provide innovative publishing technologies and services to British newspapers and magazines.

The UK website at lists services ranging from web design and development through to content creation and page layout for online and printed media.

Mike Holland, head of the new UK operation, said: “The battle for readers and advertisers is being fought out in parallel on websites, social media and printed pages. Successful publications are increasingly working across multiple channels and this is soaking up staff time and other resources.

“EzyMedia can supply expertise and services to supplement publishers’ own teams. We can take on a lot of the ‘back room’ work and therefore free up staff to concentrate on doing those things which make the publication unique and generate competitive advantage.”

Typical back room services which EzyMedia can provide include website management tasks such as adding content and advertisements, monitoring and moderating discussion forums and checking links. EzyMedia can also provide a complete page design service for both editorial and advertising pages, on line and offline, and write news and features across a wide range of topics.