Increasing your client base – How to Design Cost Effective Marketing Campaigns
Dates(s) - 12/07/2017 - 12/07/2017 13:00 - 16:00
Allia Future Business Centre, London Road, Peterborough, PE2 8AN

The host of this workshop is Luca Willington.

Luca has over 10 years marketing management experience in a variety of sectors, most notably business solutions and IT. She has a track record of improving corporate marketing functions and increasing the return on marketing investment. She is now working as a freelance marketer, helping small and medium size businesses grow their customer base through cost-effective marketing.

Find out more at www.growthlabmarketing.co.uk

Who is the workshop designed for?

  • Growing businesses who are considering how to make their customer acquisition activities more successful and cost effective

What will the workshop consist of?

How do you reach out to potential clients? Have you found the magic formula for bringing in new business reliably and without breaking the bank? This seminar will take you through 7 essential steps for planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns. It is an interactive event, in which participants will work through their own examples and begin to draft a marketing campaign plan relevant to their business.

  1. Target segments and campaign objectives
  • Avoid the most common pitfall in marketing planning. It may feel counter intuitive, but a narrow aim will always deliver the best results.
  • simple ways to give your campaigns a sharp aim.
  1. Choosing your media
  • Where do your customers spend their time in the real and virtual world? And what are the most cost effective ways to reach them?
  1. Defining the key message
  • Forget about the unique selling proposition. The truly significant question is – What is the unique perceived benefit to your clients? And how do you present it so that it is quick and easy to grasp?
  1. Working out the required budget
  • How to calculate an exact and realistic budget.
  • And does it look like it will cost more than you can afford? Think outside the box – a list of creative marketing ideas for achieving results on a small budget.
  1. Set up a monitoring system for your campaign
  • Implement ASAP and find ways to monitor it later? That is a route to disaster. You need to have a well planned and rehearsed monitoring system for your campaign before you give it the go-ahead.
  1. Estimating the campaign’s return on investment
  • Yes, we are talking probabilities here, but the more you do it the closer you will get to the mark, as the data on which you base your estimates develops.
  1. Piloting the campaign
  • There’s no arguing with the benefits of testing an idea before you turn the engine to full speed, but what is the right size of the sample for a pilot? How will you get a good insight for a reasonable price