Doing Business in China
Doing Business in China
Dates(s) - 09/12/2015 - 09/12/2015 - All Day
Peterborough Marriott Hotel, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, United Kingdom

China: Doing Business and Learning the Culture

The workshop will offer delegates an in-depth and insightful perspective of business Chinese culture. Search the roots of what behind Chinese people’s thinking and decision making through both philosophical and practical aspects, using first hand successful case studies, improve cross cultural communication skills, enhance your business practice. And much more, it will offer two hours follow up consulting section to each of the delegates to meet your business specific needs.


Topics covered will include:

  • How Chinese traditional value influence people’s decision making and the way of doing business
  • Win-win negotiation with Chinese
  • China’s economic geography and development trends,
  • Social etiquette and marketing promotion
  • Relationships building and risk management
  • The key issues facing foreign enterprises enter the Chinese domestic market and how to overcome them.


 Who should attend:

  • Executives from companies doing business or seeking to expand business in China
  • Exporters and importers of products and services
  • Those having a need to have effective communication with Chinese people and businesses.


This workshop answers the following questions:

1. How Chinese traditional values from the Book of Changes, The Art of War and Dao-the Way influence modern economic management.  How the culture influence decision making?

2. How Chinese thinking is different from Westerners?  Why Chinese  say ‘Yes’, sometimes means yes and sometimes means no? How to apply the concept during the negotiation process.

3. Why focus on long term? Choosing the right people are essential for business success.

4. Why a typical Chinese contract only has one page and how it reflects Chinese legal concepts?

5. How to choose the right business partner in China?

6. What is Chinese management style? What is the relationship between employer and employees?

7. What questions you should avoid asking Chinese people in a business situation?

8. Brand promotion and localisation. Lucky numbers and colours. How do these influence company’s telephone numbers, price strategy and website design?

9.On line business and Social media success in China.

10. The key issues facing foreign enterprises wishing to enter the Chinese domestic market, how the factors change over time (past & future outlook), and how to overcome these issues:

1). Human Resources constraints;  2). Inconsistent and unclear regulatory interpretation; 3). Bureaucracy;  4). Lack of transparency; 5). Intellectual property rights infringement; 6). Tax administration;  7). Domestic protectionism; 8). Difficulty enforcing contract terms; 9). Corruption 10). Successful case studies of SMEs doing business in China.


Excl. VAT: £360.00
Incl. VAT: £432.00

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