EnviroCluster supplier event will provide chance to invest in Varialift Airship

The Eco-Innovation Centre will play host to a supplier event looking at the development of a Varialift Airship on 14th June.

The Varialift airship, which is capable of lifting over 50 tonnes, up to 3,000 metres with a forward speed of approximately 150 knots, could be built in Peterborough, using companies and expertise from the city’s EnviroCluster, engineering and manufacturing base.

The production of the airships in Peterborough would be a great credit to the city’s environmental aspirations, as they release 80% less carbon emissions than conventional aircrafts use only 20% of the fuel consumed by an aeroplane.

The workshop will discuss the technology, the proposed investment structure, the development plan and method of participation, as well as inviting companies to participate across a wide range of technologies, relevant to the development of the airship and to consider a long term business opportunity which could have a major impact on their future growth.

The event will also invite companies in attendance to consider their contractual involvement and participation in;

  • A certification programme
  • An ongoing user training and support programme
  • A product enhancement, research and development programme

Guest speakers at the workshop will include Gareth Jones, Project Manager at UK CEED; Neil Darwin, Director of Economic Development at Opportunity Peterborough; Storm le Roux, Managing Partner at ISDC and Alan Handley, CEO at Varialift.

For more information on the workshop or to book a place, please
contact Gareth Jones on T: +44(0)1733 311644 M: +44(0)7837 918360