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Enterprise Europe Network East of England is your local gateway to the Enterprise Europe Network, Europe’s largest business and innovation network spanning more than 40 European countries.
Our team of locally based advisers provide free support to regional companies, research institutes and universities through a range of partnering and information services designed to help them make the most of the European marketplace.
If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below or wish to promote your own business opportunities please call Chris Woodward on 07500 446188 or email

Cost effective innovative vacuum packaging technology for agriculture and food products

A Dutch company developed a cost effective innovative vacuum technology for packaging agriculture and food products with volumes exceeding 25 up to 2000 litre. The company is looking for commercial cooperation with technical assistance with agriculture and food companies to provide custom made vacuum packaging solutions. It is especially suitable for organic products to preserve the integrity, because no chemicals are needed.

Novel photo-bioreactor for mass cultivation of microalgae

A Spanish research group has developed a novel photo-bioreactor to grow massively different species of microalgae on industrial scale with automation. The main advantages are: high productivity, better CO2 consumption, better light transfer to the culture, more effective shaking and less cleaning and maintenance time. It can be used in biofuels, aquaculture, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. The group is looking for companies acquiring this technology for licensing and technical agreement.

Technological hybrid project for ethanol and energy extraction from biomass and organic fertilizers production

A Polish SME has obtained patent rights for unique technological hybrid project for ethanol and energy extraction from biomass. New method combines functionalities of biogas plant, distillery, fertilizers plants and underground basins with algae cultures for post-fermentation leachate purification. SME is looking for joint venture opportunities and partners to establish commercial agreements with technical assistance

Polish consulting company active in renewable energy resources sector is looking for experienced foreign partners for joint venture projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. They also offer their services as a subcontractor.
Portuguese company specialized in the marketing of all kinds of material for construction, and services in the areas of civil engineering, environmental engineering and management consultancy projects, seeks trade intermediary services in the form of agents or representatives in the construction sector to distribute its products such as granite, marble, aluminium, inox and PVC.
A Polish company specialized in wastewater treatment is looking for EU clients interested in technologies and equipment concerned with environmental protection in industry, and therefore is looking for a distributor of its products.