Don’t depend on your degree: local recruiter issues advice to new graduates
Don’t depend on your degree: local recruiter issues advice to new graduates

With graduation season at its peak, a Peterborough-based recruitment agency is calling for graduates to think beyond their degree when it comes to job hunting.

“The graduate recruitment market is highly competitive. We’re seeing fewer graduate positions opening up but more and more graduates searching for jobs,” explains Nel Woolcott, recruitment partner at Anne Corder Recruitment.

“According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, almost one in four students who gained a degree in 2016 graduated with a first. With more graduates boasting top academic accolades, employers are turning to soft skills to differentiate between candidates – and that is definitely a trend we’ve noticed amongst Peterborough businesses too,” Nel adds.

With a report published by the CBI and Pearson in July 2017 stating a third of companies are unhappy with graduates’ attitude to work, the recruitment agency is calling for new graduates to focus on counteracting common employer complaints:

“Although there is of course a need for employers to ensure they are offering support and guidance to recent graduates, there are a few steps graduates can take to counteract any misconceptions. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that graduates make themselves stand out from other job seekers,” explains Nel.

Anne Corder Recruitment advises current students and recent graduates look beyond their degree to showcase their employability.

“Students and graduates should look to extra-curricular activities to show qualities like leadership and good communication skills. Think about how participation in societies or volunteer activities could highlight such skills and look for credible work experience to boost your CV.

“Use internships, placements and part-time jobs to not only add experience but to show a positive work ethic and good time management.

“Finally, always research the company you’re applying for and fully prepare for any interviews. This will give you extra confidence and help show initiative and drive – all traits employers are keen to find in recent graduates.”

For more graduate career advice, job seekers can get in touch with Anne Corder Recruitment directly via or 01733 235 298