Don your ‘green’ caps and become a part of Zero Waste Week

Following the previous success of this event, this year Investors in the Environment (IiE) will be holding their Zero Waste Week from 17th to 25th November

Zero Waste Week will be, as ever, a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to save money, with the added benefit of helping to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

With iiE’s Zero Waste Week initiative, they take much of the hard work away from the daunting task of waste management – from setting out an easy plan to taking part in environmentally educational activities, IiE has made waste management easy and fun! This year, activities will include a Greeniversity class on how to make your own Christmas decorations, a litter-picking community afternoon and iiE will be hosting a number of educational events throughout the week.

Being realistic, there are no expectations of literally ‘zero waste’, just the hope that you will be able to cut down your waste output as much as possible – even the smallest of changes made can add up to make the biggest difference! In London 263 tonnes of waste are produced every lunchtime, enough to fill Trafalgar Square every week. Just imagine what a difference it could make if every person simply rethought the packaging of their lunch. These are the kind of thoughts that Zero Waste Week aims to spark and considering the difference that past years have made, we think that this goal is entirely achievable – with your help of course!

Reducing your waste can be as simple as buying a recycling bin, providing reusable bags for you and your staff, or setting up a composting system in your kitchen. At work, it can become a fun step in team bonding, with planned weeks of bring and share lunches in reusable Tupperware. There are many more pearls of wisdom that IiE are happy to share, so get involved with Zero Waste Week and begin to learn more about making your home or business sustainable.

For more information on this week and how to get involved you can receive a step-by-step guide to Zero Waste Week by emailing or calling 01733 882547, filled with all the information you need to get started and some inspirational ideas for how to get the most out of your week.