Document scanning and GDPR – how they could be linked

The hot topic without question is GDPR, there are many myths and much information for you to read and in some cases panic over. But dont panic most tales are not true, How do you know this I can hear you ask, Well I get all my information from a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner who spends much time running GDPR training groups, carrying out discovery and gap analysis whilst contracting to Queens College Cambridge supplying them with full GDPR services. So he knows his stuff.

There are many sections of GDPR you can do yourselves once you are sure you have been given the correct information and can act upon it, some companies have very little Personal identifiable information but still need to be compliant, however there are a few software programmes in the market to help, some are very good some not so, If you do want software to help then it can  place you on the correct pathway to become compliant.

But what about large data processors, are you one, would you know if you are one? mostly large data processors require a more help and assistance and most will need a Data Protection Officer which could cost you many thousands of pounds each year there are alternatives you can use a virtual DPO, you can form a cluster of businesses and jointly pay for a virtual DPO. The service would be the same but the cost greatly reduced.

Paper files are still the biggest risk to personal data loss, paper files go missing and once they have gone so have your records, this could be a breech under GDPR one you have to report. How do you overcome the risk, simple have your current files scanned and made available electronically, but remember it is as much against the GDPR law to retain this information longer than it is needed, so there is none of the “well we might want it sometime” you could be breaking the law and again by keeping it you risk a breech.

So I hope you find this useful and should you want to know more facts or information on GDPR or Document Scanning please telephone or email me. 

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