Denial of access – how would you cope?

On 14th December 2010 a disused warehouse on the Potter & Moore site in Peterborough went up in flames. Although the building itself was not in operation the impact on surrounding businesses was considerable and potentially devastating.

Thomas Cook Holidays who are based in Coningsby Road, Bretton were notified by the Fire Service that if wind direction altered they could be forced to evacuate their premises due to toxic fumes.  Their Business Continuity Manager, Anne Young, immediately called their recovery centre and put them on standby to receive a team of staff to keep the business operational.  Said Anne:  “Fortunately the fire service managed to bring the situation under control and evacuation was not necessary, however, as a result of regular test exercises, we were confident that our business could have continued running had the threatened disruption occurred.”

You can take measures to ensure your property has full fire protection, etc but what happens if there is a major incident affecting neighbouring buildings?

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