Demand for digital marketing skills in city outstripping supply

THERE is an ever-increasing demand for digital marketing specialists in the Peterborough jobs market, according to one of the city’s leading independent recruitment agencies Anne Corder Recruitment.

“We are getting more and more requests from companies – large and small – for people with a background in digital marketing as businesses recognise the growing importance of this area of marketing,” said recruitment partner Wendy Deaton.

“But there definitely seems to be a shortage of candidates with relevant experience in and around the Peterborough area. It is a trend we are seeing in other parts of the country too, where marketing technology, and demand for it, is outpacing the supply of trained staff to fill positions.

“We are being briefed on more and more of these types of roles as companies out there struggle to find the right calibre of people.”

Digital marketing which incorporates search engine optimisation, Google analytics, pay per click advertising and the whole range of social media, means that companies can now measure much more accurately whether their marketing activity is working. That is why demand for in-house staff is increasing in these cost conscious times.

“There seems to be endless seminars and workshops focusing on the benefits of digital media to companies and why they should be engaging in this form of marketing but a distinct lack of training to meet the demand for in-house staff,” added Wendy.

“Given that media is one of the key sectors in Peterborough’s economic growth story, it is surprising that we should see this training and recruitment dilemma.”

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