Defibrillator for Stanground thanks to the generosity of Peterborough Lions Club
Defibrillator for Stanground thanks to the generosity of Peterborough Lions Club

Thanks to the kind generosity of Peterborough Lions Club (part of Lions Club International), residents of Stanground have access to a public access defibrillator.

Peterborough Lions’ President, Richard Willis, who lives in Stanground, chose for his President’s Project to raise money for public access defibrillators for the Peterborough area, and thanks to this project has helped to install two much needed defibrillators in the city.

The first was installed outside the main entrance of the Town Hall, and the second has recently been installed by Mears contractors next to the entrance of Cross Keys Homes’ Kingfisher Court Extra Care scheme in Stanground.

Lion President, Richard Willis, said: “The purpose of these public access defibrillators is to provide 24-hour access to life saving equipment. Every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces a victim’s survival rate by 7 to 10 percent so up to seven out of 10 people who suffer a cardiac arrest could possibly survive if they are treated with a defibrillator within the first five minutes. It’s been my mission to ensure Peterborough Lions Club helps make this a reality so I am therefore delighted that we have been able to fund two defibrillators for the residents of Peterborough.”

Cross Keys Homes’ Facilities, Health and Safety Manager, John Griffiths, added: “We are extremely grateful to Peterborough Lions Club. To have a defibrillator installed outside our Extra Care scheme in Stanground is fantastic, and to know that this is available to anyone within the community to use, should they need it, means that lives can hopefully be saved.”

Thanks to the funding, employees of Cross Keys Homes’ Kingfisher Court, as well as local business staff in the town, have been trained how to use this equipment should it be needed. Following a 999 call for an ambulance the access code for the cabinet can be issued and guidance given on its use.