Dare to walk your own path towards fulfilling your dream?
Dare to walk your own path towards fulfilling your dream?
[Peterborough 26.02.18] ABAX launches a new sponsorship concept named ABAX Talents. The company is looking for young talents within sports, music or culture who have a dream of becoming the best in the world at what they do.

“ABAX Talents is a new concept to strengthen our focus on young talented people differentiating themselves from the pack in their approach towards becoming the best at what they do. In ABAX we celebrate those who are determined to succeed but maybe feel they don’t fit into what is considered the norm of things, you may call them rebels”. says Chris Miller, Country Manager, ABAX UK. 

The new sponsorship concept is made for ABAX to connect even closer ties between their sponsorships and the core values and beliefs of the company; the value Enthusiastic and its vision of The difference is ABAX is very important and will be a big part of the concept of ABAX Talents.

“We are very enthusiastic about this new concept and hopefully we will receive a lot of applications from young talented rebels within sport, music and culture. We hope of course that these are young talents”, Chris Miller, Country Manager, ABAX UK. 

Any candidate can apply through the company website. The application process is open for anyone below 20 years old and has a talent within sport, music or culture. The selection of the candidates will be decided by a jury in ABAX. The chosen candidates will then be selected and granted an offer of a one-year sponsor contract to support them towards their goals and encourage them to continue daring to be themselves and do things differently.



For further information:

Chris Miller, Country Manager, ABAX UK. 

To find out more information, click here: ABAX Talents  


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