Cygnet Park businesses take action to bring the CORE to them

BUSINESSES in Cygnet Park in Peterborough worked together to get what they wanted – access to gigabit-speed internet connectivity over the city’s new state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.

The business park was not part of CityFibre’s original Peterborough CORE network route, but local businesses knew that if they demonstrated enough demand, the CORE would come to them.

Bosses at Progressive Property, which helps people make money from property investment, called other firms in the business park to action and spread the word by knocking on doors and sending out letters.

Caroline Jackson of Progressive Property said; “We wanted access to gigabit-speed services but we knew we had to prove it was worth CityFibre investing in Cygnet Park. There’s always power in numbers so we talked to the businesses around us and, of course, they wanted ultra-fast connectivity as well, so it was a no-brainer really.

“It’s old fashioned demand and supply. All we did was hurry it along. In business there’s no merit in sitting back and waiting for the opportunity to arrive – you’ve got to get out there and grab it.

CityFibre service provider partner Businesscoms has worked with firms in Cygnet Park to understand their needs and how they can make the most of the Peterborough CORE.

Now CityFibre has pledged to build an extension to the CORE, which will save businesses about £100,000 of combined construction costs. Planning is already underway and, subject to landlord permissions, work is due to start in the spring.

Andy Starnes, city development manager at CityFibre, said:  “The Peterborough CORE is a demand-led network. We will build where we see sufficient demand from local organisations. Cygnet Park businesses have told us loud and clear that they have a need for ultra-fast connectivity, so we are bringing the CORE to them.

“It’s fantastic that they’ve come forward at such an early stage. This is the third business park where we’ve committed to building an extension to the CORE. The response has been overwhelming. Peterborough really is a Gigabit City.”

Peterborough CORE was extended to Fengate before Christmas and last month CityFibre committed to building an extension to Lynch Wood in the spring.

Meanwhile, a campaign to “Gig Up” Orton Southgate is currently underway. CityFibre has divided Orton Southgate into three areas – east, west and central – and assigned registration targets for each. If targets are met, the company has committed to start the detailed planning process required to get the area connected. A registration of interest is no obligation to take a service but allows CityFibre to map demand.

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