Cross Keys Homes welcomes 500th shared owners
Cross Keys Homes welcomes 500th shared owners

Cross Keys Homes is celebrating its 500th shared ownership completion after a young Huntingdonshire couple made their dream of owning their own home a reality.

Lauren Roberts (22) and James Boston (25) moved into a brand new 2-bedroom home on the new Bearscroft Farm development site in Godmanchester after renting privately for a number of years.

After the birth of their son, the couple decided that they wanted to benefit from the security of owning their own home, and realised the best way for them to do this was to buy their home in stages.

Shared ownership is a part-buy, part-rent scheme which enables buyers to purchase a share of a property and only pay rent on the remaining share. As and when affordable, shared owners can purchase further shares until they own their home outright.

Lauren said: “Shared ownership appealed to us as we were able to purchase a brand new home with a smaller deposit compared to buying outright, which just didn’t fit in with our income with the arrival of a new baby to think about too.

“We are delighted with our new home and have settled in here really well.”

Cross Keys Homes’ Chief Executive, Claire Higgins, said: “To have reached this milestone of 500 shared ownership homes is a significant achievement for Cross Keys Homes and also shows that shared ownership really does help make a difference to people’s lives.

“We are delighted to be able to help Lauren and James, as well as Huntingdonshire District Council, by providing much needed new affordable homes for the area.

“I hope Lauren and James will have many happy years living here whilst raising their adorable baby boy.” 

Cross Keys Homes will provide Huntingdonshire District Council with 184 affordable rented and 79 shared ownership homes at this strategic development site over a five year period alongside 490 outright sale properties being built by national house builders David Wilson Homes.

Cross Keys Homes’ ambitious development programme will see at least 400 new homes built per year by 2020, helping to establish many more new communities like Bearscroft Farm and leading the way as a truly socially responsible business in the East of England.

For further information about shared ownership with Cross Keys Homes, call: 01733 385118 or visit: