Cleantech Funding Opportunities

The following funding programmes are open for applications to businesses in the cleantech sector:


Continuously open for applications, with cut-off dates for assessment of new applications normally every two months. Funding levels for small businesses range from 45% to 60%.

The Technology Strategy Board’s Smart scheme can provide grant funding for “bottom up” projects that fall into one of the following categories:

–          Proof of Market
–          Proof of Concept
–          Development of Prototype

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships focused on “Power Electronics – enabling a resilient energy system”

Continuously open for applications until 19th June 2013. Funding level approximately two thirds.

KTPs enable businesses to work with the academic research base (higher/further education sector or research and technology organisations) in projects lasting between 1 and 3 years, with the help of a recently qualified graduate (“KTP Associate”).

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Low Carbon KEEP (Knowledge East of England Partners)

Continuously open for applications until December 2014. Funding level 40%.

A shorter (4-18 month) version of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, open only to businesses in the East of England that want to work with any UK university or college.

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Innovation Vouchers

Continuously open for applications until 24th July 2013.

Innovation Vouchers typically offer £5,000 towards the cost of working with an external expert for the first time. Vouchers are available for, among other topics, Energy, Water & Waste, and the Built Environment.

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Energy Technologies Institute partnerships

Deadline for notification of intent to submit a proposal: 24th June (CVT) or 8th July (Engine Air System). Funding level to be negotiated but must comply with State Aid rules.

The ETI is seeking partners – major companies, academics and SMEs – to help develop the following:

·  a Continuously Variable Transmission gearbox to meet the needs of a wide range of on and off highway vehicles and machines, whilst delivering a breakthrough in transmission efficiency.

·  an Engine Air System for use in heavy duty vehicles (HDV) that can (but doesn’t have to) include turbo charging or supercharging systems and that can provide efficiency benefits across both the HDV land and marine fleets.

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CIP Eco-Innovation Programme

Deadline for submission of applications 5th September 2013. Funding level 50%.

Grant funding for stimulating the diffusion and market uptake in Europe of innovative green ideas that are already at post-prototype and post-development stage and able to demonstrate clear environmental and economic benefits. The main funding themes include materials recycling and recycling processes, sustainable building products, food and drink sector, water efficiency, treatment and distribution, and greening business.

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Continuously open for submission. Funding level for UK companies typically 50%.

These are not grant funding programmes in themselves but quality labels for transnational collaborative R&D projects that can unlock funding from the participant’s national funding agencies (the Technology Strategy Board for UK participants).

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