CKH creative partnership creates new art in community gardens
CKH creative partnership creates new art in community gardens

A partnership between Cross Keys Homes (CKH) and Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery is finding new ways to bring art into the community. The Olive Branch Community Garden in Dogsthorpe now proudly boasts a brand new sculpture made by people from the local community. Local artist, James Tovey, guided a workshop over the weekend to help people make their mark on the artwork all made from recycled materials. In just a few days, people will have the chance to do the same at the Westraven Community Garden, creating a unique masterpiece inspired by the night sky.

These outdoor workshops are the latest in a series of free events offered by CKH in partnership with the Museum for Peterborough residents who want the chance to get creative. Local artists have been sharing their skills and showcasing the many shapes and forms art can take. James Tovey, artist, said: “it’s always fun to work with members of the public and encourage them to try something new. The sculpture we created together at the Olive Garden is something the community can really be proud of and I’m looking forward to working on something equally as unique and surprising at Westraven too.”

The sculpture can be found at the Olive Branch Community Garden, between numbers 5 and 7  Olive Road in Dogsthorpe. Claire Middleton, Garden Manager, said: “we’re delighted with the finished sculpture and can’t wait for people to come and see it. Anyone is welcome to visit the garden to learn how to grow food or just enjoy the space and relax and I know this will bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces.”

CKH is the lead community partner of the Urban exhibition currently showing at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. Claire Higgins, Chief Executive of Cross Keys Homes, said: “we’re supporting the exhibition because we want to help more people across our communities find ways to make the most of the opportunities in our city. Taking art out of the gallery and into the garden is a fantastic way for people a way to get involved. It’s a great legacy for the partnership to be able to create two lasting pieces of art that will stay in both gardens for people to enjoy!”

James will be teaming up with CKH and the museum to deliver another workshop at Westraven Community Garden on Wednesday 13 April. It’s the perfect activity for young people aged between 13 and 18 looking for something different to do during the Easter holidays, but everyone is welcome to get involved. If you’re interested, find out more at or just stop by any time between 10am and 4pm.