Eco Tyre Sealant
Eco Tyre Sealant

Eco Tyre Sealant began trading at the beginning of 2020. Having achieved a lot of early success selling to local companies, the team was keen to grow sales locally and internationally. As lockdown began, Eco Tyre Sealant came to Opportunity Peterborough for free and impartial advice and start-up business support.

Opportunity Peterborough has been a shining light for us. We were new to setting up a company, and were working through a lot of litigation and legislation for our expansion plans.” explains Anthony Smith, one of the founders.

Anthony and his business partners have used their 18 years of experience within the heavy machinery tyre and motor factor industries to come up with a tyre sealant that provided a more durable, permanent solution for fixing small holes.

Using a blend of fibres and gums, the sealant is held in suspension and kept moist for much longer than alternatives that use a rubber crumb. What’s more, it’s biodegradable, meaning the end user can recycle their heavy machinery tyre rather than send it to landfill.

“After meeting with our manufacturer in early 2020 we quickly realised how much potential this idea had. Local companies like Mick George, Millfield AutoParts and others were quick to buy our product, but we knew we could go further.

“After a very small amount of time working with Opportunity Peterborough, we had managed to refine our priorities, and sent a sample of our products out to international markets like Belgium and Kenya. We were completely new to managing exports, but they were able to guide us through the UK’s export and import transition and explained how that segment works so we could put the right measures in place.

“Even though we’ve begun exporting, we’re still making the most of the amazing response there’s been to our product in the UK. Thanks to Opportunity Peterborough we have a meeting with the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) that represents the City Council contractors, and are accessing customers in different sectors through their connections with groups like the National Farmers Union and the Innovation Network. There has even been some talk of nominating us for a Queen’s Award.

“The team has been amazing. Their knowledge was exactly what we needed, especially as we felt overwhelmed with the potential of our product. The honesty in their feedback and willingness to help as much as possible have propelled us to a position we never thought was possible within our first year.”

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