Business Funding Safety Net – Would your business benefit from an injection of cash?
Business Funding Safety Net - Would your business benefit from an injection of cash?

My name is Arthur and I’m a Dojo Payments Consultant based in Peterborough.  Dojo is one off the UK’s leading Merchant Service Provider.

Having surveyed over 20,000 Dojo customers, we have found a lot of business owners in today’s climate are struggling financially.  Electricity bills have doubled or even trebled, business rates are increasing, staff are demanding higher wages due to living costs and Corporation Tax is due to increase in the near future.  And to compound all of these problems, customers are spending less. 

UNCERTAINTY is the number one concern for business owners, with many not even sure if they can survive the next few months until, hopefully, inflation will start to fall – or at the very least, level out. 

This is just as concerning for us as it is for you because, without customers, Dojo doesn’t have a business! 

We have therefore decided to help keep as many Dojo customers in business as we can by offering them a ‘Financial Safety Net’ and removing a large element of that uncertainty, and giving them peace of mind regarding being able to honour any financial commitments or sudden unexpected costs.

Financial Safety Net is a sum of money which can be anything from £1,000 to £1,000,000, that is put in place for you to access at short notice and use as you see fit.

Once in place, all you have to do to access the cash, is hit a button on the Dojo App on your mobile and the funds then drop down into your bank account. 

How it works

It’s an advancement of your projected future takings on your card machine.  If your application is accepted, as a rule of thumb, you can access up to 80% of your monthly card takings.  Typically the funds will be accessible within two to five business days.

The funding is made up of the sum advanced, plus an all-inclusive fixed fee that is agreed upon upfront and does not incur any interesthidden charges or late fees.

Repayments are made as an agreed percentage of your daily card takings on the Dojo card terminal.  This means, how much you pay back each day depends entirely on how much you’ve taken in card payments, you will repay a little more on busy days and a little less on slower ones.  Perfect in the current climate of uncertainty.

What it Costs

The Fixed Fee – is on average 15% of the funding amount. This is pre-agreed between you, the customer, and our funding partner – YouLend, directly.  Plus the pre-agreed percentage of your daily card takings – again, agreed between you and YouLend direct, I can be anywhere between 5% – 25%, whatever is best for you.

Putting the Financial Safety Net in place for your business costs you nothing, there is no setup fee.

The benefits of a Financial Safety Net are many:

  • First and foremost, you get an immediate injection of cash flow into your business when you need it most.
  • Applying for Dojo Business Funding will not affect your credit rating as only ‘soft searches are carried out.
  • It’s not a loan therefore there’s no ‘interest’ or a large, fixed amount you repay at the end of every month.
  • It takes no more than a day or two to set up – not weeks as with conventional funding from a High Street bank.
  • All that’s needed is a recent merchant statement from your current card machine provider and 3-months of recent bank statements – no annual accounts or business plan!
  • Once the financial safety net is in place, you can access funds within a few hours.
  • Peace of Mind – should the unexpected occur, cash is available to you immediately, removing the panic of trying to source cash at short notice.

Would a Financial Safety Net be useful to your business?

IT COSTS NOTHING TO SET UP so we would recommend to all business owners that they get this Financial Safety Net in place NOW – before troubled times hit harder, which they undoubtedly will.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to put emergency funding in place – as I said, it costs nothing to set up. You have nothing to lose.  

Contact me NOW if you’d like a FREE Financial Safety Net for your Business.

Arthur Keighley – 07919 846148  or