Business Continuity, Risk and Resilience Event

DSM and Onyx host an event @ DSMs Business Continuity Centre in Peterborough.

‘Organisations today face increasingly challenging and changing conditions that threaten their profitability and even existence. Many factors must be considered to achieve resilience, including:

  • Natural disasters, human related disruptions and technical failures
  • Increasing dependence on technology
  • Communicating in a crisis
  • Competitive pressures & high customer expectations
  • Supply chain issues

The success of any organisation depends upon its agility and resilience.  Recognising anticipated AND unexpected events and risks can create opportunities to increase stakeholder values and even to gain competitive advantage.’

The presentation and workshop event is designed to demonstrate business continuity strategies, techniques and methodologies to help build a resilient organisation.

Keynote Speaker – Keith Overell of BNP Paribas

To register please call 01480 446149 or visit