Bribery conviction sends warning shot

The news that the first person convicted under the Bribery Act has been sent to jail should send a clear warning message to employers to get their business in order, according to Peterborough solicitors Roythornes.

Munir Patel, who worked as an administrative officer at Redbridge Magistrates Court was convicted of bribery and misconduct after he admitted taking a bribe to ‘get rid’ of a speeding ticket.

After pleading guilty last month he was this week sentenced to three years for bribery and six years for misconduct in a public office.

Speaking about the sentence, Phil Cookson of Roythornes said:

“The sentence shows quite clearly that the courts are going to take bribery very seriously and any employers who thought that they could ‘gloss over’ their duties and responsibilities are very much mistaken. The importance is highlighted further when you consider the sentence of three years for Bribery was given after a guilty plea, with the judge describing the offence as ‘very serious’.”

Phil went on to urge any organisations that had not looked at the Bribery Act and implemented training and policies to meet their obligations should do so as a matter of urgency:

“The Act will not go away and is clearly being enforced and firms that have done nothing are in danger of suffering the expensive and costly consequences.“

Anyone wanting to talk to Phil about their Bribery Act Policies can contact him on Peterborough 558585.