Karl Hick, managing director of Larkfleet Homes (, is urging home buyers to ‘break free of their chains’ by opting for a brand new home.

Writing on the EasternNewHomeBuyer blog ( he says:

“The housing market is ‘difficult’ at present. Whether you are buying or selling a home you have a variety of problems to deal with.

“If you are both buying and selling you have double the number of problems. Many people are suffering the frustrations of being caught in a ‘chain’ in which a number of buyers and sellers must all complete their transactions and move home in a co-ordinated manner. One break in the chain and the whole thing comes to a halt.

“One way of avoiding getting caught in a chain is to purchase a brand new house from a builder rather than a second-hand home from a private seller.

“This means you are freed from the problems of the ‘upward chain’ because you do not have to wait for the current owner of your proposed new home to move out. It can also mean that you avoid the problems of a ‘downward chain’ because many larger building companies offer schemes that help you move out of your existing home.”

Benefits such as this are simply not available from private sellers, he points out in the article, and help to make a compelling case for buying a new-build home as opposed to a second-hand one.

And, of course, they come in addition to the other benefits of buying a brand-new home. These include an insurance-backed guarantee against major problems, reduced maintenance and repairs, less need for decoration and lower running costs.

For many people there is also the possibility of government financial assistance through the NewBuy and FirstBuy schemes which are designed to help buyers of new-build homes.