Branding Your Company: Key Aspects from an Offline Perspective

A strong digital marketing campaign is a prioritised goal for many companies. Given how much the digital world dominates business and people’s everyday lives, this priority makes sense – not to mention how cost-effective building an online brand can be.  

That doesn’t mean traditional marketing doesn’t have its place, though. With a balanced blend of online and offline presence, businesses can achieve much more and reach a broader audience – but how is this done?

If you want to expand your business marketing beyond the digital world, here are some ways to improve your offline branding. 

Send Out Personalised Invitations

Are you planning a business event? Go above and beyond by sending out personalised event invitations. Print marketing is effective because people can physically hold it in their hands. The same cannot be said for marketing techniques like social media posts, websites, and online ads. 

A personalised invitation is exactly as it sounds – personal. It’s far more sentimental; the recipient will feel special to have received a beautiful event card that details the specifics of the occasion, from the dress code to the address. 

Shake Hands at Network Events

Giving a real-life face to a brand makes a world of difference. So, when representing your company’s brand at network events, shake as many hands as possible and, if you can, follow that up with a memorable and interesting conversation. Little gestures like this go a long way in boosting your brand’s image – particularly with clients that matter.

Host In-Person Workshops 

Does your company have something to teach? Perhaps you’re a tech company hoping to teach the average user how to use your new software as a service. Or, maybe you’re a skincare company with tons of knowledge about product application. Whatever lessons you can offer, do so via an in-person workshop. Invite clients, business partners, and potential customers to this workshop to show off your skills and expertise while creating a stronger brand image for the company. 

Promotional Products 

Whether hosting a networking event, running a workshop, or sending a ‘welcome’ letter, gift your clients and customers with a promotional product. People love free items, so it’s a great way to win people over. Plus, they will be reminded of your brand every time they use the branded water bottle, pen, or notebook you gave them.

A Physical Newspaper or Magazine 

Another excellent way to promote your brand offline is by starting a physical newspaper or magazine for your most loyal customers. Print and send out a magazine full of information about your business every month (or every few months). You could include industry tips, how-to guides, details of upcoming events, competitions, and even puzzles and quizzes. 

Use Your Voice

Some clients appreciate receiving a phone call rather than an email. Therefore, pick up the phone and speak to your clients directly every now and then. This more personal level of communication will go a long way, as it shows you are willing to give your time and attention to your clients.

The art of traditional marketing is not lost; it’s merely that it’s often buried beneath domineering digital marketing campaigns. Combine an offline marketing campaign with your digital one, and your business will grow exponentially.