Bondholder Dinner Sponsors AEPG and the Great Eastern Run
Bondholder Dinner Sponsors AEPG and the Great Eastern Run
As the headline sponsor of this year’s Bondholder Dinner, AEPG have been busy supporting another major city event, The AEPG Great Eastern Run.  Their team were out in force yesterday for an inspiring and entertaining event.

What a day! The AEPG Great Eastern Run was an incredible event filled with support, love, and happiness. From the early morning start, our team were ready to embrace the autumn frost and fuel up with a hearty breakfast and hot beverage. The warm greetings from the Good Running Events team and Crowdsafe security staff set the positive tone for the day as we set up our stand.

At 8am, the excitement kicked into high gear as Kev Lawrence’s voice filled the air and the crowds gathered for Anna’s Hope 5km race. Vivacity led a lively warm-up, bringing families together to stretch and prepare for the race. Meanwhile, the AEPG team engaged with young families, playing garden games, laughing, and enjoying meaningful conversations about the future of Cultura Place and upcoming developments at the Peterborough Showground.

It was a day of smiles, tears of joy, and a true sense of community. Whether we won or lost in the garden games, the spirit of togetherness prevailed. The masterplan jigsaw puzzle was a collaborative effort, with everyone from Ms. Peterborough to the Mayor and Mayoress of the City getting involved. It was truly a sight to behold, as the large-scale plan brought the green space, active leisure-led, and multi-generational project to life. The imagination of what is to come to the City was sparked, and excitement grew.

Gathered around the table, sipping on coffee or fruit juice, we engaged in lively conversations. We talked about everything from who AEPG are, to the inspiring stories behind the individuals participating in or supporting the race. It was a space where thoughts were freely shared, where we checked in with one another, and where new connections were made. It was a refreshing and energizing experience, bringing people together in a truly meaningful way.

In and around the event village, it was fantastic to witness the participation of other local businesses and charities like Tydus, Savills, Sue Ryder, and Anna’s Hope in the run. It’s inspiring to see the City and local events being supported by these organizations. Peterborough, a city where health and fitness make a huge impact with the City Council actively working towards improving the overall quality of life and supporting local charity-based events. It makes you reflect on how your own business can contribute to the growth and community of Peterborough and the consideration of getting involved in local opportunities that can truly make a difference. By aligning ourselves with such goals, we aim to contribute to the betterment of Peterborough and the community as a whole.

Heading down the sideline, the atmosphere at the half marathon (approx. 21km) was electric! With 5,000 people running the race, the AEPG team was there to cheer and support every single one of them as they embarked on their journey through the city. We made sure to give them all the encouragement they needed to keep going strong.

To cap off an active day, under the bright blue sky, our team had the privilege of awarding the top 3 male and female runners in the half marathon, as well as the first female and male finisher in the 5km race. It was a fantastic conclusion to a memorable day filled with energy and accomplishment.

Overall, it was a remarkable event that showcased the spirit of community and camaraderie that Peterborough truly has in abundance. It’s moments like these that remind us of the importance of supporting local initiatives and making a positive impact. AEPG continue to drive forward their vision of active wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and mental wellness through the redevelopment of the East of England Show Ground.

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