The Enduring Value of Exhibitions

The digital revolution has given businesses unprecedented access to a huge market at lightning speed with the potential to reduce outgoings but the value of face-to-face interaction at exhibitions and trade shows endures.

Exhibitions were originally designed to encourage improvements in their relevant field. Some of the first incarnations dating back to the 18th and 19th century aimed to progress areas such as manufacturing, agriculture and technology. Now in 2016, you can find exhibitions centred around pretty much anything and the fact that more and more take place each year is testament to the impact they can have on the businesses and individuals who attend.

By bringing together industry professionals and numerous organisations from varied fields in the industry, exhibitions provide the opportunity for a unique insight into how competitors, industry leaders and the industry itself, operate. As marketers and businesses in general, we are constantly being driven towards this idea of being unique, but there is always value in looking at the strategies of those around us to form new ideas of our own. Something very simple could be the spark for that next great idea and the chances of finding this at exhibitions is significantly higher than scouring website after website.

There is value to be found for businesses both big and small due to the diverse nature of exhibitions. From local and regional expos to national or even international events, there is a huge variety taking place which can help you to focus on your target market. Smaller exhibitions often provide great opportunities to form local links with organisations that you may never have known existed. Meanwhile, larger exhibitions place organisations on a level footing. Regardless of revenue, all of the attendees are there to discuss and explore new business opportunities based on their integrity and ambitions, which has the potential to lead to significant business partnerships that can help drive growth in the future.

Although the internet and online marketing have become invaluable devices for businesses, a major drawback is the lack of genuine human interaction. If conversations are confined to e-mails, this limits a person’s ability to build strong and lasting partnerships with clients and other businesses. Where the online market can be very sales driven, exhibitions provide the setting for industries to congregate whilst establishing and developing partnerships. Many exhibitions incorporate social aspects which allow conversations to continue long after the show ends.

While e-mail trails and phone calls can abruptly end owing to other commitments, there is no opportunity quite like having a face-to-face conversation. Even if there is no intention to host a stall yourself, exhibitions draw attendees from all over the world and from a variety of different fields. Simply having conversations can open up avenues which may not have seemed possible whilst developing a business strategy.

The next Peterborough B2B Exhibit will be taking place on 19th October at the KingsGate Conference Centre. Exhibitor space and sponsorship packages are available. To find out more please visit the Peterborough B2B website or call Helen Bosett on 01733 370809.


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