Free Advertising For Online Businesses

Any online business would do well to invest in digital marketing services like search engine marketing or SEO in order to take them to the next level of success. With this being said however sometimes those companies just don’t have the funds to invest in such a service, but that doesn’t mean that advertising is out of the question. One of the greatest benefits which the online world gives business, is the chance to advertise without it costing the business, and there are many free options businesses could look into.

These are just some of the ways in which online businesses can advertise for free.


Email Marketing

 A lot of people believe that email marketing is no longer a potent way of advertising, because of the lower click-through rates compared with a decade a go. Whilst those rates may have come down, people do still check their emails, especially on mobile. This gives a business the perfect chance to stay in touch with its customers and remarket to those who have shown an interest. Compiling an email list can be done right from the website and it will cost you nothing to create a great looking email and send it out to clients.


Social Media Marketing

There are many levels of social medi marketing which you could consider, including the option which will cost you nothing. Having a social media profile alone is great marketing, but only if you are prepared to keep it regularly updated and engage with your audience. In doing this you can certainly help your business to grow and you can encourage feedback from customers who have purchased from you in the past. Using social media in the right way can be a great way to drum up more custom for the business.


Customer Referral

A customer referral program is another way to encourage loyal customers and new customers at the same time. This may cost you the profit which you make on a certain product, but you will make far more from the new customer. When someone buys with you, let them know that if they bring in a new customer next time, they can receive free goods in return. Using a simple code you will know who has referred a customer and they will then count on their award.



Adding a blog to your website which covers topics that pertain to your products is another great way of getting your name out there. This is also the kind of content which you will be able to share on your social media pages, which helps you to establish an identity for your company. Blogging costs you nothing, expect perhaps some small hosting fees, and it is a great way to further engage with your customers, both existing and potential. Blogging once or twice per week can also be a great way to boost your page’s SEO stats, and that in turn is going to increase your chances of getting customers via organic referrals.


These are some simple ways in which you can market your business without having to shell out.