Engineering jobs: build it, and they’ll come…

Peterborough’s prospects continue to soar, reflected in the extensive refurbishments to central areas such as Bourges Boulevard and Cathedral Square, and an arts and culture scene that easily rivals those of much bigger cities. 


The place is buzzing with life and prosperity, truly cosmopolitan in its outlook and its offer to visitors and residents alike.


This modern vibrancy is powered by a steady and well-established engine: a strong, reliable economy with manufacturing and engineering at its core. Not only does this underpin ongoing financial success, it helps to develop the city socially, too, evolving a skilled and sophisticated community that demands attractive and well-maintained surroundings to live and work in, and high-quality arts, education and leisure pursuits.


The steady supply of jobs in Peterborough’s manufacturing and engineering industries is thanks, in large part, to several significant family firms, all of whom are admired and regarded with great fondness throughout the city. And the international reputation they helped to build has resulted in an environment of rapid innovation and growth. Engineering jobs in Peterborough are now found in tech start-ups, small-to-medium firms (SMEs) and larger companies relocating, all of who feel at home and well-supported in the city’s can-do and tech-savvy atmosphere. With a boom in the local economy, Peterborough jobs are being created at a fantastic rate.


As a Peterborough recruitment agency (specialising in manufacturing, engineering and industrial jobs) we have our finger on the pulse of employment in the city as – and in some cases even before – posts become available. We work closely with clients new and established to fine-tune job descriptions and role requirements, matching the right candidate to each job effectively and efficiently, and providing a gateway to a huge range of jobs that changes daily.


engineering-850x375Recruit Mint is a leading Peterborough recruitment agency. We approach every candidate we deal with as an individual, and help develop skills and long-term career goals rather than pushing people into the first job that comes along. Our clients use us again and again, confident that – when it comes to jobs in Peterborough – we supply confident, happy staff who are eager to work and ready to excel.