Coronavirus anxiety: life after lockdown

Since March, we’ve got used to living our lives under strict stay at home and social distancing measures, but mental health experts are worried about a new phenomenon emerging; anxiety about what life will be like after lockdown.

On the 23rd March, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson put the UK under lockdown, but we are finally starting to see a small light at the end of the tunnel. However, UK residents are now beginning to feel anxious after becoming so used to staying at home.

People who suffer from anxiety often find it hard enough to leave the house on a normal day, but the thought of eventually going outside and getting back to how life used to be will be very difficult for many.

The effects of lockdown

Lockdown has turned our lives upside down, some people have coped, others have struggled. Mental health experts are concerned about the effects lockdown is having on people, not just those with existing mental health conditions.

Nicky Lidbetter CEO of  Anxiety UK, explains how you can lose confidence in activities you used to do, for example, using public transport, attending meetings and working. she says, “After you’ve been inside for a long time, it can feel very strange to go outside”.

Dr Steven Taylor from the University of British Columbia, says “People are trying to cope by loving being in lockdown, by creating a cocoon of safety, a haven, to make the whole experience more tolerable”. He’s worried this will cause problems for people in the future, making them feel anxious about leaving the house.

Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

Whether you have always suffered from anxiety or it’s been brought on by the pandemic, here are some ways you can cope:

Seek help – If you have found your experience in lockdown particularly difficult, speak to your GP and they might be able to put you in the right direction for counselling or help ease some of your anxiety by prescribing you with medication.

Don’t overdo it – Ease yourself back into your daily routine slowly. Don’t rush into anything. Arrange to see your family and friends gradually, make sure you take some time for yourself to reflect.

Maintain a healthy diet – Don’t overindulge in the takeaways you’ve missed out on or celebrate with too much alcohol. Lifting of lockdown might be a cause for a celebration, but maintaining a healthy, balanced diet it will make you feel good and look good which will, in turn, boost your self-confidence.

Learn a new skill – A fresh start might be the perfect opportunity to try something new. Learning a language or acquiring a new skill will give you a sense of achievement.

Keep active – return to your favourite fitness class! If you took a break during lockdown, that’s okay! Try to get back into your fitness regime, you’ll feel the benefits more. Exercise is good for the body as well as your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

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