Announcing details of our New Product Development Food Conference – 9 July

We are pleased to announce the details of our first NPD food conference.

Featuring a range of keynote speakers from across the industry the event will cover the entire development process from initial concept to getting on to supermarket shelves.

Key topics to be covered at the event include the importance of branding, ensuring all legal requirements are being met throughout new product development, effective communication and using social media successfully.

Peter Bennett, head of the food team at Roythornes who will also be speaking at the event, said: “Innovation, original products and start-up businesses are vital to competition and growth in the food sector and every effort must be made to support the introduction of new lines into the market.

“The NPD conference has been designed to provide those developing or looking to develop new products with a valuable insight into the industry and importantly, guidance from a multiple retailer on what they look for when listing a product.”

Nicola Berry, supply chain manager for the Lincolnshire Co-op will be speaking at the event on the product evaluation process. Lincolnshire Co-op has 78 food stores in the region and attributes much of its success to its focus on regional produce.

Ms Berry said: “We’re proud of our Love Local range at Lincolnshire Co-op.  I look forward to sharing our experiences which I hope will help producers across the region develop new products.”

The Co-op stocks over 100 local products in its Love Local range including cheese, crisps, beer, cordial and meat.

Mr Bennett added: “It’s vital that food manufacturers and up and coming brands understand what retailers are looking for and getting insight from people like Ms Berry is vital to the new product development process.”

The event will take place at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough on the 9 July, full details of the conference with details of speakers,  subjects to be covered and booking links can be found here: or by searching for ‘Roythornes NPD food conference’.