A local marketing communications agency is this month (January 2017) celebrating a 30th anniversary.

OlsenMetrix Marketing ( was formed from the merger of Olsen Partnership, based in Ketton near Stamford, and Peterborough-based Metrix Marketing.

Metrix Marketing was previously known as Smye Holland Associates – which started business in January 1987.

Mike Holland of OlsenMetrix, one of the founding partners of Smye Holland Associates, said:

“A huge amount has changed in marketing communications in the past 30 years – but the fundamentals remain the same. The key to success is still helping clients to work out what they need to say, who they need to say it to, and how best to get that message to that audience.

“We have far more tools available now than we did 30 years ago. The internet, websites, social media, email and other technologies have made marketing more complicated but also created opportunities for it to be far more effective.

“To take advantage of those opportunities on behalf of clients an agency needs to be large enough to employ a range of specialists in-house. That was what led us to form OlsenMetrix – we can offer clients a wide range of in-house skills and services, the capacity to take on larger projects and a huge amount of experience.”

OlsenMetrix has a team of marketing professionals offering services from marketing strategy and planning through to website and graphic design, social media, advertising and a full portfolio of public and media relations activities. By handling most activities in-house it can co-ordinate all aspects of a marketing campaign and ensure work is delivered on time and to high standards of quality.

Mike Holland, himself a former journalist, heads a content creation team of former journalists which produces text for websites, press releases, newsletters, social media, brochures and a host of other uses.

He said: “30 years on, I still get a ‘buzz’ from seeing our work generate real results for our clients.”