ACR: green, green and greener….

Once more green minded staff at Anne Corder Recruitment have pledged their support to the city’s Zero Waste Week.

A host of new challenges have been set by the recruitment agency’s new Green Champion Suzi Bradley.

Peterborough’s Zero Waste Week is organised by Peterborough Environment City Trust and challenges businesses to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

ACR, based in Park Road and with a satellite office in Lynch Wood, has taken part every year – with the pledges made getting stricter every time as the team continues to adopt eco-friendly policies in every area of business.

Suzi has settled on a different focus for each day of Zero Waste Week, taking place the week commencing November 21:

– Munchy Monday: staff will be encouraged to bring in lunch from home in a reusable container. Anyone purchasing food must provide a container or recycled bag for the retailer to place it in.
– Terrific Presents Tuesday: ACR already has a swap shop in place for unwanted gifts to be exchanged. Staff will be encouraged to use shredded material as packaging for delicate Christmas presents. Suppliers will be contacted to discuss package free delivery.
– Wet Wednesday: the focus will be on reducing water by only putting what is needed in the kettle and ensuring all taps are firmly turned off to prevent dripping.
– Thinning of Paper Thursday: Recruitment partner Karen Dykes is presenting at an eco-seminar organised by PECT. While junk mail has been dramatically reduced, further efforts will be made to cut the amount delivered.
– Feel the Energy Friday: staff will be wearing an extra layer to work as radiators are turned down by one degree. Monitors and computers will be completely turned off when not in use.

“We are proud to say we already have strict paperless office and eco-friendly policies in place but there is always more than can be done,” said Suzi. “While cutting our energy usage and encouraging greener ways of working is part of our every day working practice, Zero Waste Week is a good opportunity to remind everyone of the little things that, when combined, can make a big difference.”

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