Accidents happen…but what do you do next?

Workplace accidents can be devastating, both for the accident victim and for the business they work for.

Often the actions the employer takes in the first few minutes and hours after the accident can make all the difference and city solicitors Roythornes have organised a seminar which looks at the practical issues, including those bought about by a multinational workforce.

The seminar, in conjunction with PAB Translation Centre looks at the challenges firms may face when an accident occurs and in particular where some of the workforce have different cultural values.

Speaking about the event, Marketing Manager Mark Dodds said:

“The event is all about the immediate aftermath of an accident – who takes responsibility, what they should do and who they should inform. For example accidents don’t always happen during office hours, so there’s no point having procedures locked in a filing cabinet where they can’t be accessed on the night shift.”

The seminar will also look at how different nationalities react to questioning and other cultural issues. Mark continued:

“Many of our local businesses have workers from countries other than the UK and employers need to be aware of cultural differences and how this may affect any accident investigation. These are things that might not at first be apparent. For example, some nationalities react differently to questioning to others and PAB Translation will be looking at these important aspects.”

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