A new Notary in Peterborough


David Woods, Director, Head of Corporate & Commercial

David Woods,  Head of the Corporate & Commercial Department at Greenwoods Solicitors, has been a solicitor for some thirty years.  Now he has added a new qualification and office to his portfolio of services by becoming a Notary Public.

There are only around 900 Notaries in England & Wales. In order to be admitted as a Notary, David  completed the Cambridge University Post-Graduate Diploma in Notarial Studies – and is thought to be one of only two people in the Peterborough area to gain this Diploma.

David will be providing his services as a Notary from Greenwoods’ Peterborough office in City Road, while continuing his role as Head of Greenwoods’ highly successful Corporate & Commercial Team.

The office of Notary Public is a very long-standing and respected branch of the legal profession. The work carried out by Notaries relates to transactions and other matters taking place abroad – for example, you may well need the services of a Notary if you wish to: 

–   buy or sell a property overseas

–   establish a branch of your business overseas

–   emigrate, and you need to demonstrate that you are properly qualified to work in your chosen profession

–   submit your response to an invitation to tender for business overseas

–   get married at an overseas location

–    do a whole host of other things in other countries

David can be contacted by email at and by phone on 01733 887700.