A new approach to fire safety management

Due to the legal requirements imposed on businesses as well as their own desire to want to safeguard their employees and customers, the fire safety industry is a competitive one. At Fire Safety Express, our aim is to provide more than just a complete range of fire safety and protection products, it is our mission to provide a bespoke management service that can effectively remove the responsibility and indeed the hassle away from the business or owner. Surely, this new approach to fire safety has got to come at a cost, I hear you say. Well actually we believe that our competitive pricing will not only save your business money over a five year period, we guarantee to be up to 25% cheaper than any existing provision whilst providing a more personal touch.

It is our understanding that 70% of businesses will fail following a major fire yet we believe that maybe less than 1 in 3 businesses are meeting all requirements required by law. Are you safeguarding your business, your employees and your customers?

We would welcome the opportunity to come and discuss our full range of services with Bond members and conduct a FREE fire safety audit on your business or premises. Contact us on 07738 789172 or 01733 234504.